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Excavator Riddle Buckets

Heavy duty ribbed and cross bar riddle buckets, to fit all excavators from 1.5 - 20 tonne - with larger or customised models built on request.

Models and prices are shown below

- Standard or customised gap spacings

- Next day UK delivery available from stock

- Manufactured in the UK

- Low profile for manoeuvring under larger obstacles such as concreate slabs

- Interchangeable teeth tips

- Integrated side wear plates for wear resistance

The standard small gap series riddle / shaker buckets are now designed with smaller, tighter holes - ideally suited for material retention including that of bricks, hardcore and small rocks.

Excavator Riddle Buckets
6 results
RD1 Excavator Riddle Bucket - 1-2 tonne
$615.00 inc vat
$512.50 ex vat
RD2 Excavator Riddle Bucket - 2-3 tonne
$666.00 inc vat
$555.00 ex vat
RD4 Excavator Riddle Bucket - 3-6 tonne
$1,093.00 inc vat
$910.83 ex vat
RD6 Excavator Riddle Bucket - 6-10 tonne
$1,274.00 inc vat
$1,061.67 ex vat
RD10 Excavator Riddle Bucket - 12-14 tonne
$2,444.00 inc vat
$2,036.67 ex vat
RD20 Excavator Riddle Bucket - 16-25 tonne
$4,384.00 inc vat
$3,653.33 ex vat
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