Buffalo Concrete Crusher Buckets

Available to fit a range of excavators starting from as small as 1 tonne

Models and prices are shown below

- Hardox construction throughout

- Fully bushed & greaseable pivot points

- Replaceable crushing teeth

- Protected changeover valve

- Bolt-on 2 pin headstock included to fit any excavator

- Cylinder rod guards fitted for overspill protection

Buffalo Concrete Crusher Buckets
4 results
BB1 Buffalo Excavator Crushing Bucket - 1-2 Tonne
£4,788.00 inc vat
£3,990.00 ex vat
BB2 Buffalo Excavator Crushing Bucket 2-5 Tonne
£5,508.00 inc vat
£4,590.00 ex vat
BB8 Buffalo Excavator Crushing Bucket - 6-10 Tonne
£9,588.00 inc vat
£7,990.00 ex vat
Replacement Buffalo Crusher Bucket Tooth
£15.60 inc vat
£13.00 ex vat
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